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Website Related - FAQ

Is it difficult to work long distance on a web site project?
Nope - it's very easy and we've done it for clients across the U.S., Canada and Europe for over 3 years. In fact we've never met over 85% of our clients in person . They usually find us through our web site.

What kind of web services do you offer?
Design Strategies provides web design, custom programming, web hosting and site optimization to help your site rank higher on web searches. We also offer photography, illustration, logo design and copy writing services as required.

What does a web site cost?
Web sites vary considerably in price due to many different factors such as: How many pages will your site have? Will you need custom drawings, artwork and photography or stock photos? Will your site need custom programming, an online catalog or database connectivity? All these things can have a major impact on the time and effort that goes into creating your one-of-a-kind site. We never use pre-designed templates or cheap-looking clip art. After discussing your needs on the phone or in person, we will send you a written quote with exact specifications so that you will know exactly what it will cost and what you will get. Everything is up front and in writing so that there is no confusion over what was ordered or what you'll be paying.

How will I know I'll like the design you come up with?
After thoroughly discussing the project with you, a basic design will be created for a single page. It will show the navigation bar, basic graphics and general layout so that you can see exactly what it will look like. We can then discuss the design and fine tune it to your satisfaction. Only after you're pleased with the look and feel of the sample and give us a final approval, is the rest of the site built - with you in control every step of the way.

What is the best way to send text and photos to you that will be used in the site?
We prefer text in Microsoft Word format (Mac® or Windows®). You can also fax us hard copy or mail/FedEx it to us (see address and phones below). Photos can be emailed to us as JPGs or burned to a CD and mailed/FedEx'd.

What if I need you to photograph products?
FedEx them to us and we'll do all the custom photography to make your products look great.

OK, so how do we get started on the project?
Give us a call on (91) 080 4161 6370 and we'll discuss your company, your products and services and what you're looking for. We'll then send you a complete quote and on approval, we'll get started on your site. Alternately you can fill out our online form including info about what you need and we'll call you.

What about payment?
We require a 50% deposit at the beginning of the project with the balance due at job completion. We accept Visa, MasterCard and AmEx and checks made out in U.S. funds.

Brochure - FAQ

1. Why do I need a custom brochure?
A: When there are many providers who work in the same business field as you and offer the same services, you need every advantage you can get to stay ahead of your competitors! A custom-built brochure is a powerful marketing tool since it is tailored to the needs of your product and thus it portrays all its strengths and benefits in a clear, friendly and impressive way – like only a template-based brochure can do.

2. Why should I choose BDS to create my custom brochure?
A: We offer superior quality designs at extremely competitive prices. All our work matches - if not exceeds - the quality of solutions provided for large corporations, but our prices are only a fraction of the prices such corporations pay for their brochure designs. Our team of highly skilled experienced and very attentive designers will go step by step with you throughout the entire design process until the brochure fulfills all your expectations.

3. Can BDS design custom business cards/logos/flyers too?
A: We work not only on brochure designs - we can provide just as superb designs for logos, flyers, business cards, folders and sales sheets, to name just a few. Our experience as graphic designers is huge! Just tell us what you need, and we will take care of the rest.

4. Is all the work handled through the Internet?

A: The flexibility provided by Internet work is very important to our success as providers of superior quality brochure designs. All basic brochure designs and revised drafts are submitted to you via e-mail for evaluation and feedback, or posted on a page in our server for your convenience.

5. How will I be able to use my brochure?
A: We will provide you with all the source code files ready for printing, by sending them to you via e-mail or by mailing you a CD that contains all the information. The advantage of you owning the code source files: if you need it in future, you will be able to use them to modify and tweak your brochure on your own.

6. What if I am not satisfied with the work?

A: If you have purchased a design package with unlimited revisions, you can simply request the design to be revised again. If your solution includes a limited number of revisions, you can pay a small fee for an extra set of concepts or another revision.

7. How much does it cost to get a custom brochure designed, and what are your payment terms?
A: The actual price varies depending on the size and number of pages you want your brochure to have. You can request a quote for free by clicking here. Our payment terms are very flexible - we only request a 30% down payment of the total price to start working on the design of your custom brochure. The method of payment for the remaining 70% can be arranged.

8. How long does it take?
A: The length of time, the design process takes is tailored to your time constraints - for example, if you need your tri fold brochure to be designed within a week, rest assured you will get it before the deadline; but if you can spare some time to refine it further, we recommend purchasing a design package with unlimited revisions for astounding results.

9. I want my logo to be incorporated into my custom brochure... can it be done?
A: Of course! All the material you provide will be integrated into the brochure by our design team.

10. I want to update the brochure you created for me for the next season/year/event! How much would it cost?
A: First, we would like to have accurate and precise knowledge of the changes you want to make. You will be charged for these changes –this rate will be arranged with you.

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