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Website Design Company
JehovaSoft (JS) is one of the leading website design and development companies in Bangalore, India. We also provide offshore web programming, software outsourcing, web designing and web application development. We’ve got a pool of talented web designers and web developers to build online solutions that reduce cost and create new sources of revenue for clients.

Our clients are spread worldwide including the United States of America (USA), UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar and India. In India we have more clients in Bangalore, Chennai and Trichy. We provide a wide range of services in designing, such as Logo Designing, Brochure Designing, Advertisement Designing, Icon Designing, Graphical User Interface Designing, Flash Websites, Flash Games, 3D Animations and Template designing.

Our Software Engineers are specialized in Mobile Programming and Embedded Programming. We create reliable software using J2EE and .Net. We also provide services such as Domain registrations, web hosting windows, webhosting Linux, Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization, Business Analysis and Software training.

Location: Bangalore- Koramangala, Indiranagar, Madiwala, Ejipura, Vivek Nagar, MG Road, Residency Road, Shivaji Nagar, Majestic etc., Chennai, Trichy. Thanks for our clients who helps us to extend our services in Chennai and trichy for website design, development and logo designing.

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About Bangalore 
Bangalore also known as Bengaluru, is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. Bangalore is India's third most populous city. Bangalore is home to some of the most well-recognized colleges and research institutions in India. Bangalore lies in the southeast of the South Indian state of Karnataka. Bangalore is called the Silicon Valley of India because of the large number of information technology companies located in the city. We are placed in Koramangala which is most hapening place in bangalore. We offer services in Koramangala, Ejipura, Vivek Nagar, Madiwala, Silkboard, HSR layout, Shivaji Nagar, MG Road, Residency Road etc.

Chennai formerly known as Madras, is the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Chennai is the fifth most populous city in India. Located on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal, Chennai city had a population of 4.34 million in the 2001. The urban agglomeration of metropolitan Chennai has an estimated population over 8 million people

Tiruchirappalli also spelled Tiruchirapalli, commonly known as Tiruchi or Trichy. It is TamilNadu's fourth largest City after Chennai, Coimbatore and Madurai with an estimated population of 1,067,915 (as of 2008).It is situated in the centre of the state, on the banks of the Cauvery River. Trichy is a Municipal Corporation and the administrative headquarters of Tiruchirapalli District.

What kinds of website you required?
Two main kinds of websites are Static and Dynamic. Here are some types to give you an idea of what you might need.  

Static Websites

  • Most small businesses start out with a small, “static” website with 5 -20 pages which contains your company information.
  • To update their static website, they need to contact their design / development company and request for change. For this reason websites are not updated very often and remain “static” for a long period of time.
  • A static site can, however, feed off dynamic content from other websites. Such content includes the latest weather, news headlines, exchange rates, etc. The mother website is providing this to increase their website outbound links and to increase website traffic.
  • A static website mainly provides a business with basic online presence. We can call this as soft brochure which explain your business. We can also call this as a informative site.

Dynamic, Database-Driven Websites
Dynamic websites means the web content changes regularly with minimal effort. Dynamic websites are usually maintained by web admin using a Content Management System (CMS) – a web-based software application that allows web admin to update their content without having much knowledge about web programming. CMS cand be done in two ways, 1) CMS like wordpress, drupal, joomla etc. 2) custom CMS for their needs.

Corporate Style Websites

  • This is the next step up from a static website, where the web admin can update the website content themselves without having to get hold of the web design company.
  • It is not necessarily more expensive to launch a dynamic website than a static website. In the long-run it will in fact be cheaper if you intend to update regularly.
  • Many websites publish press releases, news, events, photo galleries, project portfolios and other things more relevant to the nature of their business. Online enquiries can send to their email address.

E-Commerce Websites
E-Retailers or E-commerce are websites that allow visitors to purchase products online.

  • The website owner uses a back-end to add or remove products and their properties, process orders, analyse sales and more.
  • These kinds of websites have become more popular in recent years as the online shopping industry has grown quite considerably.
  • In India especially in Bangalore, Chennai and tricky many businesses are hesitant to implement online transactions into their website strategy as it can be expensive to implement the necessary security measures.
    In Bangalore and in Chennai people started realizing the benefit of e-commerce website. Most popular website in India with online transaction is website which owns by Indian railways.
  • An alternative to a Shopping Cart System is to implement a Quotation System.

Information Driven Websites
Example:  Website directories, article directories, a Short-Story/Poetry submission website, etc.

  • These websites yields revenue from selling advertising space or by getting reciprocal link to increase page rank.

  • The information is generated by people that visit the website and submit content – it is self-generating and the content follows current trends and interests.

  • Although the owners of the website do not have to produce the focus-content, they do need to be able to control the type of content that is submitted – they need to implement measure that will prevent spammers from flooding their website with unwanted content. They also need people to moderate the content that is generated on the website.

Think before you go for a website, choose the right kind of website for your business depends on nature of your business, your corporate goals, the stage of development of your business and the cost you can afford for making website. Use this knowledge, Best of Luck!

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